5 Minimalist Cleaning Habits for a neat & tidy home

How great is it to come back to a neat and clean home everyday.
Cleaning might sound like a chore, but it need not be. In this video, I share my 5 very simple and minimalist habits for a clean and tidy home.
In case you are new to the entire cleaning process, then do give it some time and patience. Very soon, it will seem like second nature to you 🙂
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WEIGHT TRAINING 101 – How to start

Hey guys!

This post is all about how I started weight training and how you can too. I have benefited so much from adding weight training to my workout and I hope this video inspires many of you to make this awesome workout part of your life.

One of the main things which helped me gain the knowledge and the confidence is Rujuta Diwekar’s book – Dont lose out, work out. If you have not checked out this book, then highly recommend you to give it a read. You can buy this book here: https://www.amazon.in/Dont-Lose-Out-W…

You can check out Rujuta Diwekar’s youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRujut…

And of course watch this video and follow us on Tumblr 🙂

Healthy Productivity Habits

Would’nt it feel great to be productive and creative?

I truly believe productivity is a skill which can be learnt and it does not have to feel like a chore or a burden. You can make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience 🙂

Here are some of the habits that I have picked up in the last 2 years and  practice regularly to stay inspired and productive.

For those in the business sector, one tried and tested way of making sure things get done and delivered seamlessly is automation. Read more about this at https://www.salesforce.com/what-is-cloud-computing/. Have more tips of your own? Please comment down below and share 🙂


Achieving goals: Take the first step

GOALS – There is something magical yet intimidating about this word.  At some point or the other, we have all set goals be it personal or for our career or education.

When it comes to setting a goal for yourself, it is very easy and tempting to set grand goals – I am going to be healthy, Or I am going to start my own business or I am going to be financially secure.

There is nothing wrong with such statements but the problem is these goals don’t really tell you what to do and it makes the process seem more complicated than it actually is!

However there is one little trick which can make any goal doable and should be the first step in setting any goal.

Split any goal you want to achieve into smaller action oriented steps

For example – Let’s say our goal is – To be healthy. This is what is on my mind these days.

To be healthy is in turn vague, so we need to identify the smaller steps for this big goal:

It can be to exercise and to cut out junk food.

Now again, having a goal to exercise is vague so we will make it more specific and action oriented. So we will go a step further and set a goal – Run 5 times a week for 20 mins.

Similarly, cut out junk food can be – No added sugar and fried food for 15 days!

So what we have done is – Out big grand scary goal of To be healthy is now relatively simple tasks – Run 5 times a week for 20 mins and No added sugar and fried food for 15 days!

That’s it.

So basically any goal you have in mind, always take the time out to think of the specific action oriented steps and focus on them.

In case you are interested in reading more about this topic, then I highly recommend S.M.A.R.T goal setting concept. You can read it here.This concept also works if you want to start a business or a new website or blog. Hiring one of the best SEO services could your most important (and cost effective) decision.

Three things I have stopped buying | Becoming a minimalist?

There is nothing wrong in buying things that make you happy. In fact, I love buying clothes and shoes. But spending our hard earned money should feel great; hence choose to buy the things that truly make life better, more practical, or beautiful. Click weblink

But over the last one year, there has been a general shift in my mindset and I want to own fewer things, especially the stuff which don’t make me happy anymore.

In this  post, I have put together three things that I don’t buy anymore. So, if you looking for few tips on minimalism or just want to clear out some clutter from your house, then this article will help you out.

Home Décor

One of the biggest changes I have implemented in my living space this year has been reducing the number of home décor items I buy and use around my house. It is so tempting to pick up cute things you see and buy nick nacks when you travel, but… you will eventually get bored of seeing it around and then look for new things to buy. The cycle is never ending. Of course, if you have kids, you should get a premium baby play yard for quality and their safety.

So, I don’t buy home décor any more. Instead I prefer clear open space.

And if I feel the need to do up space, green plants is my choice of home décor now. There is something so soothing and refreshing about having them around.  It can instantly brighten up any space without making it look too overwhelming or crowded. In fact I like it so much now, that my plants are practically everywhere in my house and I love this new change.

Fancy food

Sauce, dips, toppings, cereal boxes, drink mixes – and anything else bought without thinking about its use.  When it comes to food, I have realized that less is more and it is better to keep it simple. That’s why I have cut out all this from my diet and my house.

Doing this is not easy. I am not asking you to give up your favorite snack or meal options, but if it’s something you are going to eat once and not come back to it, then it’s better to leave it in the supermarket.

How do I avoid this?

I try and get samples or smaller portions to see if I really like the product and if it fits into my eating routine and habits.  Another tip is to try out the dish or the ingredient in a restaurant or cafe to see you really like it.

Try this and you will not only clean up your pantry but your diet as well.

Bargain items

There is nothing wrong in getting a good bargain. But, are you buying something just because it is cheap?

I have done that in the past about event space rentals.  The reason is more often than not, I would end up with things I never used and eventually had to get rid of.

The question to ask is whether this particular item is useful to you now. Don’t buy something thinking you can use it in future or you might be able to pass it on to someone.  The simple fact is if you don’t have any use for it now, it will end up as junk and clutter in your house.

So these are the three things I have cut out from my life.  You need not become a minimalist or take any extreme path to own less things, but a few changes here and there will definitely help to make a clean and clutter free home.

Is there something similar that you do? Then please comment down below and let me know. On other stories, checkout this article for loan :
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How I make a “To Do” list that actually works

I love making ‘To do’ lists. There is something about checking off tasks on a list that gives me so much joy :). So obviously I have been making To do lists as long as I can remember. In fact, I would make multiple ones for work, house, personal, etc.

My typical to do list used to look like this:

Linear, random and no prioritisation.

Then I came across articles and research about prioritising work and how we can accomplish more in the same time. The productivity obsessed me – loved this idea and changed the way I make my, ‘To do’ list.

This is what it looks like now:

So what gives?

  1. Prioritise important work over busy work
    Classify your day’s tasks into the three categories:
    >Most important: Just the two or three Tasks, accomplishing which would add maximum value to my day, even if I don’t get anything else done.
    >High Priority: The next two/three tasks which I attempt once I am done with the above. If am able to finish these as well, I know I have been super productive
    >Other tasks: Everything else comes here. Usually for me these are either repetitive office work which can wait or household chores

The most important point I move to the next level of tasks only once I am done with the previous level.
And it work like magic.
No more losing hours on busy unproductive work and yet feeling like you accomplished nothing in the day. Plus, this allows me to focus on what is important for my day first – leaving everything else to be tackled only if I have the time.

  1. Eliminate multiple To do lists
    Since this structure has multiple categories, it allows me to put everything in one list. I don’t have to bother about mixing work and personal tasks, since I have already categorised and prioritised them. I know I will tackle as the day progresses.
  2. Make your day progressively less stressful
    The feeling when you get your workout in the morning and its out of the way and you don’t have to think about it rest of your day.
    The same applies to work.
    Getting the important high value work done not only ensures that you are in high energy state when you are doing it but also ensure as your energy and will power dips, chances of procrastinating or doing it half heatedly reduces.
    So, as your day progresses, you will automatically move from the most important high energy consuming tasks to less important low energy consuming tasks.So do try out this awesome technique of making your next To Do list and I promise you wont go back to your old one.



My morning routine – how it gives a solid start to my day


Are you thinking of skipping this article by just reading this one word?

Are you thinking, forget it I am not a morning person, I don’t need to read this?

Well, hold on.

Your morning is basically the time you start your day, even if its 12 noon and these first few hours are precious. Why? Because it’s the only time of the day that can be truly yours – before work, responsibilities and life in general takes over.

At the risk of sounding preachy, I can tell you with confidence that you what you do in this first one or two hours sets the tone for the rest of the day. You could be super productive and be in charge or continue to survive in auto pilot mode – the choice is yours to make.

Now, let’s tackle the second monster, “routine”.

Does the very word make you cringe and feel constrained?  I hear ya. However, trust me, it is quite the opposite.  Mental freedom and peace of mind, yup, that’s what a morning routine can do for you.

So, my humble request, read with an open mind and do give this a try. I promise, it will change how you feel about mornings and about routines.

Let’s get started:

Aim: The aim of a morning routine is basically to prime your mind to function in its full capacity.

Yup, that simple.  Nothing fancy like sipping coffee and reflecting on your life. It is basically an exercise to waken your mind and bring out your best for the day ahead.

Activities:  So what all can one do to achieve the above?

Now, different things and going to work for different people and at different level. But, there are few things which will definitely benefit you.  In this article, I will share my morning routine. You can pick things from here or modify them to suit your life.

  1. 6: am

Wake up and say a small prayer of thanks:

Gratitude is such a powerful and underestimated emotion.  Before I even get out of my bed, I say a small prayer of thanks which literally goes like this , “Dear god, thank you for another day. I am grateful for all the things which are going well and make me happy.  Thank you for everything”.

That’s it.  Simple and instant.  Practice it and watch how magically your mind shifts from foggy sleepy state and to more alert calm state

  1. 6: 15 am

Get some morning sunlight:

Morning sunlight can be incredibly soothing and beneficial. This is something which I have added more recently into my routine. To be honest, it was more for medical reasons – I have a massive Vitamin D deficiency was recommended to get direct exposure to morning sun.

But a sucker for routine that I am, I turned it into an activity where after I have woken up and said my prayers. I head up to the terrace and stroll around for a bit getting some sunshine. I also noticed that there were pigeons who frequented the terrace, so now I even taken some grains up and have this entire routine of feeding them and getting some sunshine.

  1. 6:40 am

Time for some exercise:

I am one of those people who either work out in the morning or don’t.  There is no evening or night sessions for me. Hence I schedule my exercise sessions for the morning- typically an hour from 7 am to 8 am. My classes are pre booked and scheduled the night before, hence making it difficult for me to procrastinate or skip going.

  1. 8: 30 am

Breakfast and plan for the day:

Honestly, this is the best part of my day. I have the endorphin going thanks to the swear shesh.  Plus this is the time I eat my breakfast. So typically I will sit down with my breakfast and my flourish journal.

I first fill in the left side of the page, where I use the GAV principal – Gratitude, affirmation and visualisation. I will note down the things I am grateful for, write and say my affirmations and visualise my day. Each of these are very powerful and effective techniques. Click here to read more.

Then I plan my day’s activities using the To do list provided on the right side page of the journal.

  1. 9:30 am

Let’s do this:

Once all this is done and I get ready and head out to my office. Most of the time in a pretty happy and calm state of mind.


Well its just 9:30am and I have already:


Trained my mind by using Gratitude, Affirmation and Visualisation principals

Planned my day

Finished breakfast

And most importantly, had some quality me time without feeling rushed

Audit:  Now the above routine might sound pretty intensive and chop chop. But honestly this is the way I have designed my morning to be and have given me the best results. In fact, there are few more activities which I would like to add to my morning – Meditation, Solving puzzles or riddles, Yoga, Reading or listening to a book.

You can pick what you like and tailor it to your requirements.  Whatever it is, make sure you put in some activities for your mind, body and soul.

Final words:

Do I manage to get all of these done every single day?


There are days, sometimes in a row where I do not have to energy to wake up early and sleep in a bit. In such cases, few of the activities are skipped.

However, I do try to come back to this schedule as soon as I can. And I try to get in some activities if not all. Usually it is writing in my flourish journal – both the left and the right side and eating breakfast J Also, there is a remarkable difference in the day when I do my entire routine vs. when I don’t.

So what would you prefer – waking up groggy and grumpy and just stumbling though your day


Waking up with a sense of gratitude and purpose and making every minute of your day work for you, Also try our website services to learn more Click the Following Article – WebDesign499.

Make it count!

If motivation is garbage, integration is the key

In my last blog post titled on motivation, I had discussed about how relying on motivation to get things done was not that great an idea.  If you want to check out that blog post, click here.

So, if motivation is garbage, then what does one do?

My quest for the same question lead me to discover this amazing concept by Dan Lok  – Integration.

So what exactly is integration?

You build in the activities you want to accomplish into your daily schedule in such a way that you have no excuse not to do them. In short, integrate them into our life, don’t rely on your motivation or willpower or discipline.


Because human beings are inherently lazy, so your brain will also try to protect you from doing anything that is scary, uncertain or new.

But, the same brain also loves habits and routines and feels comfortable in it. So, when you integrate activities into your life, it becomes a much simpler affair.

Sounds too complicated?

Let me illustrate how I used this principal and integrated going to the gym into my life.

I want to be regular in going to the gym. Now, I know I am a disciplined and motivated person, but I don’t to leave anything to chance. So I prepay gym membership for a whole year – not one month at a time, where I might delay, and take a few days off in between, make excuses.

Prepaid for a whole year, I have to show up.

I just don’t stop here; I have a workout buddy – Pallavi. We both keep tabs on each other to stay committed to the routine.  Just a few days back, I did not have the “motivation” to workout.  I messaged her– “hey, don’t feel like. Not coming today”. To which she replied “I am already here, waiting for you”.

Guess what.  I had to go; I did not have a choice.


PS:  I firmly believe in the concept of buddies. It is such a simple yet powerful concept which can help you stay on track and develop new habits.  If you are interested to learn more about this, click here.

Click here to watch the full video by Dan Lok – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tilA5Y-MUB4&t=2189s


Why Motivation is garbage

I sat in my bed, staring at the clock which read 10 AM in red.  I had always taken pride in being a disciplined, strong willed person, but on that Monday morning, but something inside me had snapped – I could just not get out of bed.

No motivation!

Not knowing what to do – I turned for an answer to my ever trusted source – google.

I typed – How to feel motivated?

There was a ton of advice – eat good food, sleep better, get exercise, etc, etc, etc. But there was this one video by Mel Robbins that caught my eye – “Why motivation is garbage”. 

I always find it difficult to believe when people say, this changed my life. I mean how can one incident/person/object have such a big impact on your life. But that video by Mel Robbins did rock my worked pretty hard.

Our brain still retains a part of its primitive survival focused function, a part which is focused on keeping us alive. Hence any new, uncertain, scary, difficult situation is perceived as a risk and your brain will try and keep you away from it.

In short, our brain will always prefer the easy, low risk, uncomplicated path. Hence if you are waiting for the burst of motivation, confidence, or inspiration to start doing something, then guess what – it might never come.

So what is the way out?

This same primitive brain also loves habits, routines and structures.

So once you start doing something and the more you do it, the less will be the resistance and better your chances of getting good at it.

Basically, motivation is garbage and action is the key.In my next blog post, I will discuss about how to integrate this action into your life.

Click here to watch Mel Robbins video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCHPSo79rB4&t=358s