4 TRAVEL PACKING TIPS | How to pack light + FREE PDF packing checklist

Hey Guys!

I am off again for another trip. But before I go, here is a fun and useful video I shot in Goa.

In this video, I share with you simple and minimalist tips so that you can travel lighter and smarter.

PS: I also have a FREE PDF packing checklist. This checklist will save you a ton of time and help you remember everything you could possibly need on any trip.

Get your PDF here: https://www.theprimedlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Travel-Packing-checklist.pdf

Like always, do share your comments and your tips 🙂


Travel tips: 4 ways to workout while traveling

I have been trying to stay consistent with my workouts and with all the travelling that is happening in my life, I had to figure to keep the workouts going.


I was in Goa recently for a short vacation and I shot this quick fun video on how you can sneak in a workout when you are travelling or on a holiday.


I promise you, none of the tips involve spending an hour in the hotel gym 🙂 On other related articles, checkout https://aquaparadiseca.com/



Thank you so much for watching. I really hope this helps you out next time you are on the go.

4 Ways to get out of a rut

Feeling uninspired or demotivated at work?
This video has got you covered.
All of us have had those moments when we feel stagnant, bored or lonely. This can not only impact our work but personal life as well. In this, I walk you though four ways in which you can pull yourself out of a rut or a work slump.
I hope that these tips help you next time you feel like this and if you have any tips of your own, please do share them down below.
Thank you so much for stopping bye!
Love and Gratitude
Shachi ♥