How to Stop Procrastinating | #getworkdone + free pdf download

Let’s face it! All of us procrastinate.

But there are times when we need to buckle up and get work done. Here are my best productivity tips and hacks to stop procrastinating and get work done. some of the items featured here come from a corporate gifts portal that features practical tools for everyday life. All of these are inspired by my own experiences over the last couple of years. I hope you these useful.

4 ways to stay consistent with Working out

Hey guys!
I have struggled with staying consistent with my workouts this year. I think we all go through these phases of being super regular and slacking off.  However I am trying really hard to take the charge back and hit my workout goals. With a longer yoga mat, maybe I can do more exercises.
In this video, I share with you 4 hack I am using to stay consistent with my workouts.

Let me know what you think!
Love and gratitude
Shachi ♥


Hey Guys!
In this video, I share with you my system for building and keeping  positive habits. All it will take is just two minutes of your day 🙂
I also have a free PDF habit tracker for you. This habit tracker is for 30 days which I think is the perfect duration to build any habit.  I am sure this will help you keep track of your goals and stay consistent.
Get it here:

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