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Welcome to ThePrimedLife.com

This is easily the best decision you have made today, because by learning what this site has to offer, you have the arsenal you need to take better control of your life.

My name is Shachi, and I am a business owner and entrepreneur. Be it juggling academics, climbing the corporate career or managing two businesses, I have always had my trusted planners and journals by my side.

I found that organising my task, tracking my goals, reflecting on happy thoughts and dumping my worries on paper, not only made my day more productive but almost had a therapeutic effect on me.

However life gets crazier and busier. Though I would start a journal, being consistent was a challenge. Many days just the thought of filling in a blank sheet of paper seemed too overwhelming and I would skip writing that day.

So one day, looking at the massive pile of half written journals in my study, I stumbled upon an idea. Why not structure the process – something which would not take more than 10 mins of my day, but would help my start my day right, plan my activities and help me stay on track; basically keep me sane 🙂

Hence was born ThePrimedLife. Through this site, I want to share my journey of leading a happier, mindful and productive life with you.

Right here on this site, you will find simple tools, services and content to take you to the next level, ‘you’.

Thanks for stopping by

With love and gratitude,always

♥ Shachi