4 ways to stay consistent with Working out

Hey guys!
I have struggled with staying consistent with my workouts this year. I think we all go through these phases of being super regular and slacking off.  However I am trying really hard to take the charge back and hit my workout goals. With a longer yoga mat, maybe I can do more exercises.
In this video, I share with you 4 hack I am using to stay consistent with my workouts.

Let me know what you think!
Love and gratitude
Shachi ♥

Travel tips: 4 ways to workout while traveling

I have been trying to stay consistent with my workouts and with all the travelling that is happening in my life, I had to figure to keep the workouts going.


I was in Goa recently for a short vacation and I shot this quick fun video on how you can sneak in a workout when you are travelling or on a holiday.


I promise you, none of the tips involve spending an hour in the hotel gym 🙂 On other related articles, checkout https://aquaparadiseca.com/



Thank you so much for watching. I really hope this helps you out next time you are on the go.

WEIGHT TRAINING 101 – How to start

Hey guys!

This post is all about how I started weight training and how you can too. I have benefited so much from adding weight training to my workout and I hope this video inspires many of you to make this awesome workout part of your life.

One of the main things which helped me gain the knowledge and the confidence is Rujuta Diwekar’s book – Dont lose out, work out. If you have not checked out this book, then highly recommend you to give it a read. You can buy this book here: https://www.amazon.in/Dont-Lose-Out-W…

You can check out Rujuta Diwekar’s youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRujut…

And of course watch this video and follow us on Tumblr 🙂