5 Habits of Millionaires| Success Habits

What are the common habits of millionaires, icons, world leaders and top performers?

I explore these in this week’s video. Inspired by Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris.  If you resonate with any of these, feel free to add it to your lifestyle. DO not forget to check out this site https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/turkishairlines

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  1. Morning routine

Most of the successful people have a fixed morning routine. They consider the first 30 minutes of waking up immensely precious and do not waste it checking their phone. Their morning routine usually consists of some form of meditation, bit of journaling and practicing visualization.  The whole idea is the prime the mind so that they can function at their peak rest of the day

  1. Simple eating habits

This one came as a surprise to me too, but lot of people that Tim Ferris talks about in this book have very simple eating habits. They stick to few food groups and lot of them have the same thing for breakfast every single morning.  This is similar to steve jobs wearing the same black t shirt every day. By simplifying meal options, they reduce the time spent on making trivial decisions so that the same energy can be put elsewhere

  1. Documenting ideas and thoughts

These people are obviously big thinkers and visionaries and they also read a lot! But, they don’t keep their thoughts in their mind. They all believe in documenting the thoughts and ideas usually in the old fashioned pen and paper style. So journaling and documenting is a very important part of their work style and they all firmly believe in putting down their thoughts. In this way they do not miss out on potential million dollar ideas and they can revisit them whenever they want

  1. Fitness is a priority

Fitness is a priority, no matter how busy they are. They are firmly committed to working out and eating right. They believe that not only does this help them have more energy but also reduces stress and enables them to function at peak level

  1. Sound financial plans

Not surprisingly, millionaires have sound financial planning. They are very very conscious of how they spend money. They have a tight budget and for many of them, spending money on frivolous things is actually a big NO NO. In fact big chunk of it invested back into their business or into new ventures. Which is how the money multiples and grows further.

Love and Gratitude

Shachi ♥


Productivity Tips for Work | What I did in January 2018

I am often looking for ways to make my life simpler and more productive. The result in tons of experiments + trails and error on myself 🙂

Maybe it was the rush of the new year, but I tried not 1 but 3 productivity hacks in January. I am thrilled to report that I found them game changing.

Sharing these with you here, hoping you find it just as useful as I did.

Watch the video here

Hack#1: Planning my day the previous night

What I did: I have been into making to do lists and scheduling my day for a fairly long time. What changed this year was the shift from AM to PM.  Earlier I would make my to do lists in the morning. This kinda worked, but not so well on days where I would be pressed for time.  The result was it made my mornings more chaotic, adding one more thing to the long list of things to get done before I left the house.

Instead planning the next day the night before is so much more peaceful. I find that I have bit more time which means that I can put in more thought into what all I can accomplish the next day and prioritize my work accordingly.  It also makes me feel more prepared and ready for tomorrow.  The best part is many times, I would go to sleep looking forward to some work, meeting or some me time which I had scheduled.

Hack #2: Phone free mornings

Like any millennial, I am addicted to my phone and I love whatsapp and Instagram. Also like many millennials, I too have the habit of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning. I have slowly realized how precious the first few minutes of walking up are, they can set the tone for the rest of your day.  First few minutes should be calming and relaxing. Scrolling though social media does just the opposite, makes you feel jumpy, hyper and agitated.

So I made a conscious effort all of Jan 18 to not touch my phone till I come back from my gym. I do carry my phone alone and often take pictures and videos of my workouts, but that’s it. All the posting and scrolling can wait till I am back home.   I have been using the few extra minutes I have in the morning for stretching, deep breathing and some journaling.

Hack #3: Maintaining a schedule

Being a business owner, I often have the freedom to work at my convenient time.  This might sound great, but in the chaotic world of entrepreneurship, not having a fixed start and stop time can drain you of lot of energy. So in Jan I made an attempt to bring in some method to the madness.  I have started waking up at the same time(5 am yikes!), going to the gym at the same time, leaving for work around 9:30 everyday(I live in Bangalore so I can only guarantee the time I leave :)) and putting a stop to work at the same time!

Of course, it does not work perfectly every single day. But,  just having a  general framework of time in which I can function has made me much more efficient and productive 🙂

Love & Gratitude

Shachi ♥



How to stick to resolutions in 2018

Did you have a crappy Jan?

For so many of us, Jan is not just the beginning of the year, but the beginning of new goals, resolutions, habits & diets!
This is can get pretty intense.

In this video, i share my Jan story & very simple trick that I discovered which will help you stick to your resolutions and turn around a bad Jan 2018. I hope this video motivates you and uplift you a little bit!

Watch the video here:

If you find it useful, feel free to share it with your friends and family 🙂

3 MUST Read Books for 2018

Looking for books to read in 2018, I got your covered 🙂

I got around to reading a lot of books in 2017. One of the main reason is that I discovered audio books! Omg! I love audio books, i love listening to them during my walks and also when I am doing random things around the house 🙂

Here, I share my 3 must read books for 2018. These are the books I would go back to again and again 🙂

Watch the video here:

Here is a quick review of the 3 books:

  1. Subtle art of not giving a F*CK by Mark Manson: This is a honest, witty, at times vulgar book :). This is a must read for all the millennials. If you find that your buttons are constantly getting pushed and your attention is being pulled in 10 different directions, then this book is definitely for you.  The main theme of the book is that life is not always rosy and comfortable, there will ton of annoying things that will happen everyday. What we need to do is pay attention to what is important and let go of everything else.
  2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert: A book on how to approach the creative process and create magic from it. Creativity is no longer restricted to just a few jobs or professions. Every job requires you to be creative and original, so this is a book which will guide you on this process. So many times while listening to this book, I had to pause and take a moment because what she was saying was so relatable to my current situation and the blocks I was facing
  3. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight: An inspiring story of a brand. Shoe Dog is the story of Nike’s founder Phil Knight and how he built Nike.  This book tells you so much about what goes into building a business and a brand.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you find this post useful.

What are the books that you are reading currently? Comment down below and let me know.

Love & Gratitude

Shachi ♥


How to Stop Procrastinating | #getworkdone + free pdf download

Let’s face it! All of us procrastinate.

But there are times when we need to buckle up and get work done. Here are my best productivity tips and hacks to stop procrastinating and get work done. some of the items featured here come from a corporate gifts portal that features practical tools for everyday life. All of these are inspired by my own experiences over the last couple of years. I hope you these useful.

4 Ways to get out of a rut

Feeling uninspired or demotivated at work?
This video has got you covered.
All of us have had those moments when we feel stagnant, bored or lonely. This can not only impact our work but personal life as well. In this, I walk you though four ways in which you can pull yourself out of a rut or a work slump.
I hope that these tips help you next time you feel like this and if you have any tips of your own, please do share them down below.
Thank you so much for stopping bye!
Love and Gratitude
Shachi ♥

Healthy Productivity Habits

Would’nt it feel great to be productive and creative?

I truly believe productivity is a skill which can be learnt and it does not have to feel like a chore or a burden. You can make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience 🙂

Here are some of the habits that I have picked up in the last 2 years and  practice regularly to stay inspired and productive.

For those in the business sector, one tried and tested way of making sure things get done and delivered seamlessly is automation. Read more about this at https://www.salesforce.com/what-is-cloud-computing/. Have more tips of your own? Please comment down below and share 🙂


Achieving goals: Take the first step

GOALS – There is something magical yet intimidating about this word.  At some point or the other, we have all set goals be it personal or for our career or education.

When it comes to setting a goal for yourself, it is very easy and tempting to set grand goals – I am going to be healthy, Or I am going to start my own business or I am going to be financially secure.

There is nothing wrong with such statements but the problem is these goals don’t really tell you what to do and it makes the process seem more complicated than it actually is!

However there is one little trick which can make any goal doable and should be the first step in setting any goal.

Split any goal you want to achieve into smaller action oriented steps

For example – Let’s say our goal is – To be healthy. This is what is on my mind these days.

To be healthy is in turn vague, so we need to identify the smaller steps for this big goal:

It can be to exercise and to cut out junk food.

Now again, having a goal to exercise is vague so we will make it more specific and action oriented. So we will go a step further and set a goal – Run 5 times a week for 20 mins.

Similarly, cut out junk food can be – No added sugar and fried food for 15 days!

So what we have done is – Out big grand scary goal of To be healthy is now relatively simple tasks – Run 5 times a week for 20 mins and No added sugar and fried food for 15 days!

That’s it.

So basically any goal you have in mind, always take the time out to think of the specific action oriented steps and focus on them.

In case you are interested in reading more about this topic, then I highly recommend S.M.A.R.T goal setting concept. You can read it here.This concept also works if you want to start a business or a new website or blog. Hiring one of the best SEO services could your most important (and cost effective) decision.