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If motivation is garbage, integration is the key

In my last blog post titled on motivation, I had discussed about how relying on motivation to get things done was not that great an idea.  If you want to check out that blog post, click here.

So, if motivation is garbage, then what does one do?

My quest for the same question lead me to discover this amazing concept by Dan Lok  – Integration.

So what exactly is integration?

You build in the activities you want to accomplish into your daily schedule in such a way that you have no excuse not to do them. In short, integrate them into our life, don’t rely on your motivation or willpower or discipline.


Because human beings are inherently lazy, so your brain will also try to protect you from doing anything that is scary, uncertain or new.

But, the same brain also loves habits and routines and feels comfortable in it. So, when you integrate activities into your life, it becomes a much simpler affair.

Sounds too complicated?

Let me illustrate how I used this principal and integrated going to the gym into my life.

I want to be regular in going to the gym. Now, I know I am a disciplined and motivated person, but I don’t to leave anything to chance. So I prepay gym membership for a whole year – not one month at a time, where I might delay, and take a few days off in between, make excuses.

Prepaid for a whole year, I have to show up.

I just don’t stop here; I have a workout buddy – Pallavi. We both keep tabs on each other to stay committed to the routine.  Just a few days back, I did not have the “motivation” to workout.  I messaged her– “hey, don’t feel like. Not coming today”. To which she replied “I am already here, waiting for you”.

Guess what.  I had to go; I did not have a choice.


PS:  I firmly believe in the concept of buddies. It is such a simple yet powerful concept which can help you stay on track and develop new habits.  If you are interested to learn more about this, click here.

Click here to watch the full video by Dan Lok –


Why Motivation is garbage

I sat in my bed, staring at the clock which read 10 AM in red.  I had always taken pride in being a disciplined, strong willed person, but on that Monday morning, but something inside me had snapped – I could just not get out of bed.

No motivation!

Not knowing what to do – I turned for an answer to my ever trusted source – google.

I typed – How to feel motivated?

There was a ton of advice – eat good food, sleep better, get exercise, etc, etc, etc. But there was this one video by Mel Robbins that caught my eye – “Why motivation is garbage”. 

I always find it difficult to believe when people say, this changed my life. I mean how can one incident/person/object have such a big impact on your life. But that video by Mel Robbins did rock my worked pretty hard.

Our brain still retains a part of its primitive survival focused function, a part which is focused on keeping us alive. Hence any new, uncertain, scary, difficult situation is perceived as a risk and your brain will try and keep you away from it.

In short, our brain will always prefer the easy, low risk, uncomplicated path. Hence if you are waiting for the burst of motivation, confidence, or inspiration to start doing something, then guess what – it might never come.

So what is the way out?

This same primitive brain also loves habits, routines and structures.

So once you start doing something and the more you do it, the less will be the resistance and better your chances of getting good at it.

Basically, motivation is garbage and action is the key.In my next blog post, I will discuss about how to integrate this action into your life.

Click here to watch Mel Robbins video: