5 Habits of Millionaires| Success Habits

What are the common habits of millionaires, icons, world leaders and top performers?

I explore these in this week’s video. Inspired by Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris.  If you resonate with any of these, feel free to add it to your lifestyle. DO not forget to check out this site https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/turkishairlines

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Watch the video: 
  1. Morning routine

Most of the successful people have a fixed morning routine. They consider the first 30 minutes of waking up immensely precious and do not waste it checking their phone. Their morning routine usually consists of some form of meditation, bit of journaling and practicing visualization.  The whole idea is the prime the mind so that they can function at their peak rest of the day

  1. Simple eating habits

This one came as a surprise to me too, but lot of people that Tim Ferris talks about in this book have very simple eating habits. They stick to few food groups and lot of them have the same thing for breakfast every single morning.  This is similar to steve jobs wearing the same black t shirt every day. By simplifying meal options, they reduce the time spent on making trivial decisions so that the same energy can be put elsewhere

  1. Documenting ideas and thoughts

These people are obviously big thinkers and visionaries and they also read a lot! But, they don’t keep their thoughts in their mind. They all believe in documenting the thoughts and ideas usually in the old fashioned pen and paper style. So journaling and documenting is a very important part of their work style and they all firmly believe in putting down their thoughts. In this way they do not miss out on potential million dollar ideas and they can revisit them whenever they want

  1. Fitness is a priority

Fitness is a priority, no matter how busy they are. They are firmly committed to working out and eating right. They believe that not only does this help them have more energy but also reduces stress and enables them to function at peak level

  1. Sound financial plans

Not surprisingly, millionaires have sound financial planning. They are very very conscious of how they spend money. They have a tight budget and for many of them, spending money on frivolous things is actually a big NO NO. In fact big chunk of it invested back into their business or into new ventures. Which is how the money multiples and grows further.

Love and Gratitude

Shachi ♥